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Our Services

Collaborative Divorce Consultants is a non-legal practice based on two distinct services: (1) divorce mediation and; (2) co-parenting counseling during the pre-suit, litigation, and post-divorce process. Some of our clients are referred to us by Divorce attorneys who find that their clients are unable to separate their marital issues from their parenting responsibilities. We work closely with these couples throughout the litigation process and help them understand the meaning of "best interest of the child" and the importance of collaborative co-parenting. In addition, we mediate many child-related disputes and shared parenting issues, offer parents conflict management strategies, and help divorcing couples set well-delineated boundaries to minimize future parental conflict.

Our Blended Approach

Our multi-disciplinary mediation practice offers divorcing clients a cooperative, rather than competitive, approach for reaching financial and child-related decisions. As co-mediators we bring a unique juxtaposition of academic training and experiences to our mediation sessions. Our goal is to mediate a fair and equitable resolution of complex financial issues and to help each spouse plan his or her financial future to the greatest possible extent. Our approach to each couple is shaped by the blending of our legal and psychological backgrounds and our child-focused orientation.

Co-parenting For Life

Divorce ends a marriage, not a family. We are strongly committed to not only mediating divorces but to helping couples become lifetime collaborative co-parents. Since children of divorce usually want to continue having relationships with both parents, ex-spouses have to create and maintain a working relationship with one another, often for a lifetime. Life-events such as birthdays, religious ceremonies, graduations and weddings, ensure that divorced parents will continue to see one another frequently, long after the marriage ends. That's why it is in your best interests to be on amicable terms with your co-parent.



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